Local Kids Jump Rope For Heart, With Heart

(Wilson, Wyo.) - The kids at Wilson Elementary School are picking up their jump ropes to not only help their own hearts, but help the hearts of others as well. The kids, led by P.E. Teacher Kim Hunt, are participating in Jump Rope For Heart to raise awareness and money for the American Heart Association. The fundraiser, which kicked off Monday, goes for two weeks and will end with a Thank You Party on April 26. "I really try to make the kids understand that the American Heart Association is committed to fighting heart disease and that they do that through education and through research and by helping others with medical conditions," said Hunt. During the program, Hunt works to educate the kids on how to have and keep a healthy heart. "We talk a fair amount about what they can do to have healthy lives and keep their hearts healthy. All of our kids know that this includes three things -- exercise, eat healthy foods and they need to never smoke cigarettes," she said. "I try to have the kids commit to that even though they are young, I think it is a good commitment to make." [image: Inline image 1] *h/t Kim Hunt / Pitchengine Communities* Jump Rope for Heart is an optional fundraiser for the kids at Wilson Elementary, but all kids are welcome to attend the Thank You Party. The party will include games, educational booths and each kid leaves with their own jump rope. "We get really excited about jumping rope and jumping rope is obviously a really great activity for cardiovascular health. We do individual jumping, tricks and games with the jump ropes," said Hunt. "It is all about helping the kids recognize that we need to have healthy hearts forever, and to help others," she added. *Feature Photo: h/t Kim Hunt / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news