Beware: Ponzi scheme preying on locals

The Jackson Police Department has learned that members of the community may have been targeted as part of a Ponzi scheme or a pyramid scheme. It was reported that some community members were asked to give a person or organization $1300.00 and if they could find two additional people to also contribute $1300.00 they would receive $11,000.00 within 30 days as a reward. While no victims have directly reported being victimized in this manner to the police department, the department would like to remind residents that offers that seem too good to be true are generally fraudulent. Most often the person contributing the money receives nothing in return and are they cannot recover their capital. If residents are contacted by someone asking for money or other items of value and promising something in return, they are urged to research the organization and fully understand its validity prior to sending any money to anyone they do not know. If anyone has been the victim of a fraudulent solicitation they are urged to contact the Jackson Police Department at (307)733-1430 or in person at 150 East Pearl Avenue. #buckrail #news