Sex ed speaker's appointments at Jackson schools cancelled

After an uproar from local parents over the weekend on social media , speaker Shelly Donahue will no longer be speaking in front of students this week. Wednesday and Thursday events between Donahue and eighth- through 12th-grad students have been cancelled, the school district announced. The 6:15 p.m., Wednesday presentation for parents is still scheduled. Parents reportedly found Donahue's message to be demeaning to girls and too rooted in Christianity for a public school. "Her message includes likening young women who choose to be sexually active to a piece of dirty tape that will lose it's bonding power with every 'use,'" Anne-Louise Band posted on Saturday. "The very real damage this could cause all our students is appalling, but in particular sexually active young women are singled out as dirty. Additionally, victims of sexual abuse or violence will hear this message; that they are like a piece of used dirty tape (unless their parents choose the opt-out form provided)." Donahue's speaking engagements were not going to be paid for by the district, but rather were to be sponsored by Turning Point, a Christian-oriented pregnancy resource center. She has previously spoken in Jackson in 2014. "I'm appalled that TCSD would promote a religiously based agenda that shames young women, not to mention the fact that abstinence until marriage is ineffective and unrealistic," another parent wrote. Donahue's approach is primarily one of abstinence. Her website's tagline is "raising the bar of sexual self-control." *screenshot h/t youtube * #buckrail #news