4 wild winter sports you probably didn’t hear of until you moved to Jackson

(Jackson, Wyo.) - I have to admit, I have lived in Jackson for more than three years now and just attended some of these events for the first time this year. And my report - they are all an awesome and wild time! Here are four winter sports you may not have known existed until moving to Jackson: *1. Skijoring:* "Imagine a horse rearing up, then suddenly accelerating from zero to 40 in just three strides. Imagine a skier grasping a 30 foot hemp rope and being towed over a snow covered course, landing 6-8 foot jumps and capturing rings with a lance made from a sawed off ski pole. Imagine the 900’ straight away lined with thousands of cheering spectators as the snow and ice fly," stated Jackson Hole Skijoring in a press release issued about the event that took place in February in Jackson Hole. Basically, this event looks really scary, but is really cool to watch. Check out some crazy photos of skijoring in Jackson here . *Feature Photo above h/t Mark LaRowe Photography (!/index ) * *2. Cutter Races:* A Cutter Race is an event that features two horses, a driver and a chariot racing together down a quarter mile of track covered in snow. Cutter Races first took place in the 1920's in Thayne, Wyoming. This year's races took place out at Melody Ranch on February 14 and 15. Let me tell you, more than horses pulling chariots, the Cutter Races are the biggest tailgate party you've ever seen on snow! Learn more about Cutter Races here. [image: unnamed.png] *Photo: h/t @mysplendidescape on Instagram* *3. Pond Skim:* Pond Skim is an end of season ritual for many ski towns, but we have to say that Jackson must have the best. Skiers fly down Snow King Mountain towards a pond of icy water with the goal of skimming across on their skis or snowboard. Many attempt elaborate tricks, most wear crazy costumes and there are tons of crashes. Whether you are a spectator or a competitor, this is a crazy time. Check out more photos here. [image: unnamed-1.jpg] *4. Hill Climb:* Although the World Championships occur in Jackson each year (with the exception of 2015), this sport is new to many people who may have just moved here. Snowmobilers race up the steep vertical slope of Snow King Mountain. As the racers attempt to make it to the top, they often slide or roll back down the mountain. There is even a giant net that catches the snowmobiles as they slide down. It is a fun and exciting event to watch! [image: unnamed-2.jpg] *Photo h/t Jackson Hole Snow Devils / Pitchengine Communities* All of these events are fun, but most of them are fundraisers for amazing and deserving non-profits in Jackson Hole. What wild winter sport are we missing? Let us know here. #buckrail #news