Local woman to 'Run the Nation' beginning Sunday

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Starting April 24, long-time Jackson resident and mother of two Lisa Smith-Batchen will do something very few people have done before, and all to support children. Starting in LA and concluding in New York City, Smith-Batchen will Run the Nation to raise money for Grammy award winning artist Imagine Dragons' public charity for pediatric cancer families, The Tyler Robinson Foundation. She expects to complete the 3,100-mile run in 46 days. A feat of this caliber doesn't just take endurance, drive and commitment, it takes sponsors and support as well, so we asked Smith-Batchen how the local community could help her reach her goal. "I have this vision -- it's 3,100 miles -- imagine if one million people donated $31? That would be $31 million dollars," she said. "Anyone can support the run, by even donating $1." To break the current foot speed record, Smith-Batchen will have to average 68 miles per day. The current Guinness Book of World records' overall transcontinental coast-to-coast foot speed record is 46 Days, 8 Hours record set by Frank Giannino in 1980. The female record is 69 days, 2 hours and 40 minutes, achieved by Mavis Hutchinson in 1978. Lisa plans on breaking both. A famous Ultramarathon runner, Smith-Batchen has competed and won some of the world's most difficult competitions including the Sahara's "Marathon Des Sables" and the United States Badwater Ultramarathon twice. She has competed in 35 ultramarathons, 90 marathons, and has completed 5 Hawaii Ironman World Championships. Her accomplishments as an endurance runner and ironman athlete have made her one of the most revered athletes in the world. "What do I do when it gets hard? I truly think of one mile for 1,000 kids," she said. To follow Smith-Batchen's run or to donate, visit *Feature Photo: Lisa Smith-Batchen. h/t Lisa Smith-Batchen / Pitchengine Comminities* #buckrail #news