Griz 610 and her yearlings spotted in GTNP

(Moose, Wyo.) - The grizzly bears are out of hibernation and Grizzly 610 and her cubs were spotted this weekend roaming in the meadows east of Oxbow Bend in Grand Teton National Park. Taylor Phillips, owner of EcoTour Adventures , was the one to see the bears while in a tour in the park yesterday. Phillips told us that Grizzly 610 was born by Grizzly 399, one of the most viewed grizzly bears in the world, in 2006. Since her birth, she has had four series of cubs. The most recent cubs were born in the winter of 2015. [image: Inline image 1] *Grizzly 610.* *h/t Taylor Phillips / EcoTour Adventures / Pitchengine Communities* 610's year-old cubs are fairly sizable, but still much smaller than the sow, according to Phillips. "Typically the end of April, May and June tends to be really good for seeing bears," said Phillips. "If people would like to see a grizzly bear and they let us know, there is decent chance that we will see them on a tour." *Feature Photo: These are Grizzly 610's cubs from her last litter. h/t Taylor Phillips / EcoTour Adventures