Sublette County Courthouse gets tech upgrade

(Pinedale, Wyo.) - The Sublette County Courthouse is getting a security upgrade. The building is getting a new x-ray machine for use with court security operations. The new equipment was purchased with grant funds provided by the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, and can be moved around as needed to accommodate security needs in both Circuit and District courts. The court security deputies, who underwent training on the machine after its installation, provided a demonstration of the detail that can be picked up through the device. “We’ve been trying out the different settings to see how much detail we can pick up,” Deputy Michael Parker said. “It’s really amazing what we will be able to identify using this equipment.” [image: Inline image 1] *This demonstration showed how the image details a weapon, cell phone, and even a small paper clip. **h/t Sublette County Sheriff's Office / Pitchengine communities* “It is, unfortunately, the state of the world we live in,” said Sheriff Stephen Haskell. “We have a duty to protect everyone who enters this building, and this takes our abilities to do so to the next step.” Feature Photo: *Deputy Michael Parker (left) demonstrates the new x-ray machine’s capabilities to Sheriff Stephen R. Haskell. h/t Sublette County