Juggernauts to lose practice track in May, seek community help

(Jackson, Wyo.) - The Jackson Hole Juggernauts Roller Derby team kicked off their season on April 16 to a packed crowd at Snow King Sports and Events Center. Now, they are asking for the community's support in helping them continue their success. In a letter released yesterday on the organization's Facebook page, President Janice Bushnell reveals the progress the team has made and seeks the community's help for upcoming challenges. "This league has worked extremely hard for the past 4 years to consistently build the team with new members, create it's 501(c)3 non-profit status and become an official WFTDA-sanctioned (Women's Flat Track Derby Association) league member," states the letter. "With all this progress comes the next big push: We need a space to practice. Snow King Sports and Events Center has been very generous in allowing us to practice and hold our bouts at the facility. However, at the end of May Snow King will close it's doors to all activities and events in order to repair the ice-making system in the floor. Other facilities (Kelly School gymnasium, Teton County Fair Building, Victor School gym) where we have held practices will also not be available after the end of May." Bushnell states that the team has a full schedule booked through July and that they are strong contenders for the Wyoming Roller Derby Cup. The Juggernauts are seeking creative ideas on a place to practice that would allow them to have a full sized track for scrimmages and game drills. More information and who to contact for help is available on the Jackson Hole Juggernauts Facebook Page. *Feature Photo: h/t Jackson Hole Juggernauts / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news