From the oil fields to the safari van; an unlikely #WyoStrong transition

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Jason Reinhardt is a 4th generation Wyoming native, an avid outdoorsman and a life-long entrepreneur. This all has come together for his newest venture, Wolf Den Safaris . But it didn't come easy... In 2008, Reinhardt started a trucking business for the oil and gas industry. "We were pro-energy because we had to be. That was our livelihood," he said. After years in business, Reinhardt began to see the writing on the wall. "Business was good for quite a long time, but things started to spiral downhill. I picked up on that and sold out as quick as I could and thank god I did, because it wasn't a month after I did that guys were trying to get out and couldn't sell their equipment," he said. That was 2014. Following the end of his time in the oil fields, he has started a few other companies including a pressure washing business under the name Colter's Ridge Inc. This spring, he decided he wanted to combine his love for Jackson Hole, the outdoors and his passion for animals to start Wolf Den Safaris . [image: Inline image 2] *Jason Reinhardt. h/t Jason Reinhardt / Pitchengine Communities* "It is just what I love to do. We decided that it is time to incorporate that into a business where we can share our love and passion for the outdoors with other people," said Reinhardt. "I have been here for more than 30 years and know this country l like the back of my hand from Alpine to Mammoth Hot Springs." "There is not an animal with fur and fangs in the valley that I don't know its migration habits, its mating customs, what kind of food it eats, where it goes to bed, when it goes to bed and its relationship with predators," he added. The newly launched business will take people on day-long wildlife safaris to view small mammals, elk, moose, foxes, wolves, and grizzly and black bears. Along the way, the guests will also see Old Faithful, the Lower Falls and the Geyser Basin. [image: Inline image 1] "Along the trips, we will pull over and I will show you something that you wouldn't see yourself if you were driving," Reinhardt said. On top of watching animals with the naked eye, Reinhardt is sponsored by Vortex Optics, so high definition binoculars and spotting scopes will be used to enhance the wildlife viewing. "We are offering a family atmosphere. We are going to be providing that attention to detail that people don't think about when they come out here on vacation," he said. Wolf Den Safaris is up and running for tours this spring and summer and Reinhardt is optimistic about the future. "We want to provide for our family so we can stay in this area. We are excited about it, we are scared and nervous, but it is going to work," he said. For more information on Wolf Den Safaris, visit *Feature Photo: Jason Reinhardt and his family. h/t Jason Reinhardt / Pitchengine Communities* #wyostrong #buckrail #county10 #county17 #reboot #oilcity #springcity #shortgo #dally #news