Construction on Deadmans Bar to Begin

(Moose, Wyo.) - Construction will be underway this summer at the Deadmans Bar Road, parking area, and boat launch in Grand Teton National Park. The project will improve the road surface, expand and formalize the parking area to improve traffic circulation, provide better access to the Snake River, and revegetate areas that have been impacted by overflow parking in the past. While the construction schedule has been designed to maintain access during the heart of the busy summer season, the road will be closed during the shoulder seasons to accommodate crucial road work that cannot be completed on the narrow road with traffic present. *Dates: Deadmans Bar Road Status* Start of Season-May 26: Closed May 27-July 21: Up to 30 minute delays July 22-Sept. 15: No construction, no delays Sept. 15-Sept. 30: Up to 30 minute delays Oct. 1-End of Season: Closed When the Deadmans Bar Road is closed, river users will still be able to make a through trip from the Pacific Creek Boat Launch to Moose, however there will be no formal river access between those two locations. Restrooms at Deadmans Bar will remain open throughout the project, including when the road is closed. The project will improve the experience of visitors to the Deadmans Bar area and the sustainability of the facilities. Work on the Deadmans Bar Road includes an overlay of the existing paved sections of road and establishment of a consistent 20-foot width on the gravel portion of road to better accommodate two-way traffic. Crews will expand the gravel parking area by less than an acre and delineate parking spaces to improve efficiency. Future visitors to the area will also enjoy a hardened boat ramp designed for dynamic river conditions, accessible parking spaces and river access, and improved signage and traffic flow. Areas that have been used as informal overflow parking in the past will be revegetated. This project is a part of the Snake River Headwaters Comprehensive River Management Plan. The Snake River Headwaters was designated a national wild and scenic river in 2009 to protect its free-flowing character, water quality, and opportunities for its benefit and enjoyment. *Feature Photo: Deadman's Bar Boat Launch. Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news