Students ignite Spark at JHHS

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Jackson Hole High School (JHHS) doesn't have a school newspaper like many other high schools, so a group of students decided to take it into their own hands. This fall, freshman Sawyer Lucas-Griffin approached JHHS librarian Lori Clark-Erickson with the idea. "The idea for Spark came along when I was talking to Lily and Andie about how we don't have a school newspaper here and I was just really shocked that there was no outlet for creative voice at the high school," said Lucas-Griffin. "Spark is online news and literary magazine for the Jackson Hole High School student body, which promotes student voice and creative outlet for anyone who wants to express their ideas," she added. "She came to me inquiring and I said 'absolutely.' This is a librarian's dream when there is a kid with a book club idea or a writing club, so I said 'just tell me what you need,'" said Clark-Erickson. The club launched in October and the first issue came out right before spring break. Currently, 13 people are in the club working as writers, photographers and art directors. "Getting it started was kind of difficult because I had to really advertise and get it out there, but once these lovely people joined, it was a lot easier to get things going and get some content and the website up," said Lucas-Griffin. JHHS junior Elizabeth Chambers appreciates the diversity of the content in Spark. "It isn't just a school newspaper that talks about school events, we have news, current events and creative writing, so that was what was appealing to me since I write all kinds of different things," she said. Spark just released its first issue before spring break and the club hopes to get another out before the end of the school year. Next year, they plan to put out issues on a more regular basis. They also hope to get more student submissions as they raise awareness for Spark. "I think what I personally am really hoping is that it becomes a place that everyone knows about and is interested in, so the students have a place where they can go and start a conversation," said Lucas-Griffin. "Mostly, I think it is really important that everyone expresses their thoughts and their voice." "There is collectively a lot of talent in this school," added Clark-Erickson. Read the latest issue of Spark at *Feature Photo: A few of students that run Spark. Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news