Officer awarded Medal of Merit for work on high-risk warrant

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Today, the Jackson Police Department announced that Detective Andy Pearson was awarded Medal of Merit for exceptional police work and quick thinking on a recent narcotics investigation. According to Lieutenant Cole Nethercott of the Jackson Police Department, officers were preparing to serve a high-risk search warrant. They had received information that the subject who’s property they were going to search was armed at all times and the layout of the residence to be searched could be problematic from a safety standpoint. Prior to serving the warrant, plain clothes officers were conducting some reconnaissance on the residence to determine what methods and tools would be needed to safely serve the warrant. As Detective Pearson was outside the residence near the front door, the subject emerged from the residence to smoke a cigarette and Detective Pearson was suddenly face to face the subject of the warrant. Because he was in plain clothes, the subject did not recognize the detective as a police officer, so he quickly struck up a conversation with the subject and shook his hand. Once he had control of his hand, Detective Pearson informed the subject that he was police officer and that he had a search warrant for his residence. The detective was able to quickly detain the subject and remove a handgun from his waistband without incident. "His quick thinking and actions significantly reduced the risk to the other officers and suspect and allowed for the warrant to be safely served," said Lieutenant Nethercott. "For those actions, he was awarded the department’s Medal of Merit." The Medal of Merit is presented for an act of outstanding performance or service requiring extreme tenacity of purpose and devotion to duty. *Feature Photo: (L to R) Detective Andy Pearson and Chief Todd Smith. h/t Jackson Police Department / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news