McDonald to run for Mayor

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Stephen McDonald has announced his candidacy for Town of Jackson mayor for the 2016 election. "I love Jackson and care for our town deeply. My life is here. A man of the people is what Jackson needs," said McDonald in a letter announcing his candidacy. "I have the ideas and the leadership to make our town better. Looking to preserve our small town way of life will be my top priority. Massive downtown commercial projects will annihilate our community character without regard for those who call Jackson a home. Jackson's precious heritage of preservation and conservation will be at the forefront of my campaign." "Because of our unique situation as a popular resort destination as well as a small town my job will be representing the people's ideas in government meetings- not representing large commercial entities and their plans for our paradise," he continued. "Many Jackson families are just barely making ends meet and the prospect of increased taxes is a worrisome hardship creating additional financial burdens. Homeowners are being asked to bear the burden for problems perennially created by lack of government foresight. Redrawing Start Bus to better serve the community will be paramount. Currently the town shuttle is a waste of taxpayer resources, yet we are being asked to pay more for an already dysfunctional service." McDonald also ran for mayor in 2014. He has lifted in Jackson since 1991 and has a wife and four children. *Feature Photo: Stephen McDonald. h/t Stephen McDonald / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news