Local attorney helps inmates spread love

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Sometimes, the people that you wouldn't expect spend their time and money to help spread some love. This is the case with some inmates at the Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution in Torrington. Elisabeth Trefonas, a local public defender for Teton and Sublette Counties, had worked for a prison inmate for a very long time. The inmate (who prefers to remain anonymous) would send Trefonas cards for birthdays, Valentine's Day and other occasions. "They are just gorgeous," said Trefonas about the cards. "It was just very sweet." "I posted some of these cards on my Facebook because I was blown away by them. Then I reported back to him that it got 120 likes, which would make his day," she added. One of Trefonas' photos was forwarded to Heather DeVine, the founder of People Spread Love, a local organization that rallies the community to help show people that they are loved during difficult times. The two connected and Trefonas began printing out the Love Requests and mailing them to the inmate. Now, the inmate regularly makes cards for people who need some extra love. He sends the cards in packages to Trefonas, who brings them to People Spread Love Meet and Make events. He is also working to engage other inmates to make cards. "He is very excited about it and is trying to get some other inmates to get creative as well," she said. "They are doing that out of their own pockets. They do not want money for it, although we are going to find a way to get them money for art supplies." So why are these inmates spending time and money to spread some love? "I asked him and he said, 'if I was outside, I would be actively involved in my community and this is one of the things that I would do as a community member,'" said Trefonas. "Knowing him, I think what he means is that it just restores some sort of normalcy that he gets to participate as a community member." Trefonas said that in the next package, she is expecting to receive cards from three different artists. "It is really amazing how it [People Spread Love] connects with so many different people on so many different levels," said Trefonas. "I think this is an example of folks we may not think about who wouldn't necessary care about People Spread Love, who really are spending hours putting together these cards because it connects with them as well." Learn more about People Spread Love. *Feature Photo: (Left) Elisabeth Trefonas. (Right) Cards that the Torrington inmates create for People Spread Love. h/t Heather DeVine, People Spread Love / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news