Good News! Grizzly 399 is alive and well with a new little cub

(Jackson, Wyo.) - After some rumors and many that feared the iconic local grizzly was dead, Grizzly 399 was spotted out of hibernation yesterday with a new cub by her side. According to Taylor Phillips of EcoTour Adventures , it is pretty normal for females to come out of hibernation a little later in the season when they have cubs. "She entirely ranges in Grand Teton and in the surrounding National Forest. She was first seen yesterday AM with one cub," said Phillips. "She is 20 years old this year," said local wildlife biologist Tenley Thompson. "That would be like a human 90 year old with a newborn. She's an amazing mother." "The old girl seems in good condition and the cub looks great from the pictures," Thompson added. *Feature Photo: A photo of Grizzly 399 and her last litter of three cubs.