Habitat for Humanity to complete The Grove Phase 3, eventually

Hoping for a chance to own a unit in The Grove Phase 3? Relax. The third and final phase of the affordable housing complex is being delayed by at least three years. County commissioners recently voted to deny the Housing Authority, who built the project thus far, funding to continue with Phase 3. Instead Habitat for Humanity will receive $1.3 million to finish the project, which now requires a redesign and re-permitting process. They estimate four years until completion, though some units could be ready for occupancy in the summer of 2018. This comes as Phase 2 is nearing completion, and Phase 3 is ready for construction. Stacy Stoker, Executive Director of the Teton County Housing Authority fought to stick with the original plan. "As it's permitted, it's shovel ready, it's ready to go." Phase 3 would have been completed next summer. "We wanted them (Habitat) to take some other land that we own, that hasn't been designed, that hasn't had money already put into it to get the entitlements and everything, and have Habitat figure something out to go on that land. So that we could have them building out that land and us building out Phase 3 at the same time." Applications for Phase 3 ownership will be handled by Habitat for Humanity . To sign up for the Housing Authority's email list, click here . *h/t Jeff Bernhard for Buckrail* #buckrail #berhard #news