There's a new sheriff in town

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Friday, the Teton County Sheriff’s Office presented the newest addition to their family! K-9 Grace, a six-year-old German Shepard, owned by Deputy John Labrec, has been serving the community as a search dog until now. According to the Sheriff's Office, She is capable of live and deceased searching, human remains detection, evidence retrieval and tracking. She participated in the annual K-9 certification this week and after only two weeks of training on drug detection, she became certified in the standard five drug panel. According to the certifying officials, it was “Amazing” what Grace has accomplished in only two weeks. The normal training period for a K-9 on drug detection alone is four to six weeks. She scored 100% percent on her certification. "The K-9 team at the sheriff’s office, Sgt Chett Hooper, Deputy John Labrec and Detective Dave Hodges should be commended on their hard work to get K-9 Grace trained in such a short period of time. They put in a lot of effort and many hours of their own time to accomplish this feat! Great job to all," said a release issued by the Teton County Sheriff’s Office. *Feature Photo: Grace. h/t the Teton County Sheriff’s Office / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news