The 13th Annual Eco-Fair in 5 Photos

(Jackson, Wyo.) - This weekend was the 13th Annual Jackson Hole Eco-Fair, a community event that focuses on recycling, energy sustainability and wildlife conservation in Jackson Hole. The event was packed throughout the day, even during the slight rainstorm in the middle of the afternoon. Here is a recap of the event in 5 photos: *1. A woman rides a stationary bike to power a blender.* *[image: Inline image 1]* *2. Teton Raptor Center's new barn owl is introduced to the crowd.* *[image: Inline image 5]* *3. The barn owl spreads her wings* *[image: Inline image 2]* *4. A group of kids laugh at the antics of the Trash Bag mascot* *[image: Inline image 3]* *5. Kids run for shelter when the rain begins to fall.* [image: Inline image 4] Do you have photos of this year's Eco-Fair? Share then with us here. #buckrail #news