"An Evening with Owls:" Free encore performance tomorrow night

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Teton Raptor Center (TRC) will present a repeat performance of "An Evening with Owls” tomorrow night from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. at the Teton County Library. At the first performance on March 8, the library Auditorium filled to capacity and not everyone was able to see the presentation. So … take two: Join Senior Avian Ecologist, Bryan Bedrosian, and TRC staff, as they explore the diverse and fascinating world of owls. Topics will include the evolution of owls, owl families from around the world, and identification (by sight and call) of owls native to Jackson Hole. They will discuss what makes The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem such a unique place to study owls. Also some of TRC’s live avian ambassadors will be on hand for an arm's length opportunity to experience their incredible beauty in person. Remember to arrive early – once seats are filled we cannot let anyone else in the auditorium based on TCL’s fire code. This event is free and open to the public. Teton Raptor Center’s new Barn Owl will be in attendance on Wednesday and she still needs a name. Three finalists names were chosen, and they need your vote! The Barn Owl’s winning name will be announced at RaptorFest on Sunday, June 19. The finalists are: *Keller* - Hellen Keller was an author, political activist, and lecturer - she was also the first deafblind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. Keller taught us that physical limitations do not minimize our potential for impact. *Manzana* - Barn Owls are nicknamed the "apple-faced" owl. "Manzana" is the Spanish term for apple. A mother/daughter duo noticed the face of this bird and described it as "Manzana" without even knowing the correlation! *Rayne* - The mission of the Meg and Bert Raynes Wildlife Fund is to initiate, augment, or simply fund projects or activities to maintain viable and sustainable wildlife populations into the future, especially in Wyoming and Jackson Hole, through the support of research, education, habitat protection, and habitat restoration *Feature Photo: Teton Raptor Center's new Barn Owl at Saturday's Eco-Fair.