JH Airport, Alpine and Afton request grants from Wyoming Business Council

(Jackson, Wyo.) - The Wyoming Business Council Board of Directors will consider six Business Ready Community (BRC) grant and loan requests during its upcoming May 25-26 meeting and three of these requests are for regional projects. The Town of Alpine is requesting a $1,538,944 Community Readiness grant and $226,683 loan to purchase 35 acres from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, in addition to extending and upgrading an existing road and an 8-inch water main. According to a release issued by the WBC, the project will improve fire suppression, system reliability and recreational lake access. The property has garnered commercial interest, including from an in-state brewery and Melvin Brewing, which has indicated interest in expansion. Currently, the staff is recommending that the board provide full funding. The Jackson Hole Airport Board is requesting a $1,500,000 Community Readiness grant and $1,000,000 loan to construct a pipeline and related improvements to convey wastewater from the airport to the town of Jackson’s wastewater treatment facility. The project will allow the airport to continue operations and increase passenger traffic without hurting the environment. It will also reduce operating costs and long-term replacement costs compared with an onsite treatment plant. WBC staff is recommending funding the $1,500,000 grant and a $500,000 loan. Afton is requesting a $312,750 Community Readiness grant to resurface Hospital Lane and add pedestrian safety enhancements to Adams Street. Hospital Lane is the main access road to the Star Valley Medical Center. The center plans to expand. Plans to increase employment at the medical center depend on safe access to the facility. The project will also address the expected traffic issues resulting from increased local tourism and visitors to the temple under construction three blocks away. According to the WBC release, staff does not recommend funding. *Feature Photo: h/t Shutterstock / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news