Weight wins this weekend at the 33rd Annual BMT Professional Fishoff Derby

(Jackson, Wyo.) - What started out to be a bunch of friends going out fishing has become an annual event on Jackson Lake. The 33rd BMT Professional Fishoff Derby launches from docks around the lake at 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. Named for founding fishermen, Joe Bush, Danny Mayer, and Tom Toolson, the Derby awards cash prizes for the top three big fish and for the top three creel bags brought in to weigh at Leek’s Marina at 4 p.m. that afternoon. During the derby, boats must troll – always be moving – and have their orange derby flag displayed. Last year’s winning fish weighed 25 pounds. “These are beautiful, old fish,” commented Derby Director Kathy Clay. “It is an awesome thing to see these fish at weigh-in.” Clay noted everyone is invited to come to the weigh-in this Saturday. According to Clay, the all-time record fish over the history of the Derby was 43 pounds. New this year, sponsorship from Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and Stone Drug have made it possible for all boats having a 16 year or younger fisherperson fishing on derby day to receive an automatic $50 reward for their boat at the end of the day. “This year, while celebrating these young fishing kids, I am remembering the fisherman who have left us,” said Derby contestant Danny Bess. “We have lost a lot of great fisherman over the last few years and they will be missed.” Bess notes these old fisherman taught us so much – about fishing and about life. *Feature Photo: h/t Kathy Clay / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news