Muldoon Joins Mayoral Race

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Late last week, Pete Muldoon announced that he will run for Mayor of Jackson this November. Muldoon grew up in a military family and moved around a lot before settling in Jackson in 2000. He is the owner of Jackson Hole DJ and the lead singer of local band Major Zephyr. "I’ve been doing advocacy journalism through blogging for years, with a focus on economic and social justice. It’s made me acutely aware of the problems we have here in Jackson - how deep they are and how important it is do solve them. It’s obvious to me that the working class, renters, minorities, and immigrants have historically been poorly represented in local government. And a community that doesn’t look after all of its members isn’t a healthy one. The results of that are apparent today with rampant housing insecurity and out-of-control growth that is enriching a few at the expense of the everyone else," said Muldoon in an email to Buckrail. "And it’s usually the people who work the hardest - who really make the community go - who have it the worst. Dishwashers, bus drivers, landscapers, cooks, construction workers, raft guides and many, many more," he added. "These are the people who keep Jackson running, yet the demands of trying to stay afloat in Jackson mean they aren’t able to be involved in daily politics the way the wealthy can. But our town government should represent everyone, not just those with the time and money to play the game." "As mayor, I’ll fight for the rights and interests of everyone, especially those who’ve been ignored by the rush for more development and more profits. In that rush, we often ignore the very real costs which are passed on to the average citizen in the form of housing insecurity, gridlocked traffic, environmental destruction, and a general reduction in our quality of life," said Muldoon. "We can’t continue to throw our hands up and say 'free markets.' We can choose to do better. I’m running because I believe Jackson needs a mayor that will make those hard choices on behalf of all its residents, and who will actively and tirelessly seek out real solutions to our very real problems," Muldoon will join three others who have already joined the Jackson Mayoral race -- Sara Fliter, Stephen McDonald and Mark Obringer. *Feature Photo: Pete Muldoon. h/t Pete Muldoon / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news