Victor and Driggs Fire Departments Help Rescue Tangled Osprey

(Victor, Idaho) - Fire Departments don't only help people, but also come to the rescue of animals in distress. On Wednesday, May 18, the Victor and Driggs Fire Departments, along with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and the Teton Raptor Center came to the rescue of an Osprey that was caught in some bailing twine 25 feet up in the air. [image: Inline image 1] The Ospray was hanging by this twine in her nest and the fire departments were able to safely rescue the bird. After the rescue, the Ospray was taken to the Teton Raptor Center, where she was treated for her swollen foot with a few days of rest and recuperation. After a full recovery, the Ospray was returned to the wild yesterday at the Victor Ball Fields. By the look of this video on the Idaho Fish and Game Upper Snake Facebook page , she looks like she is doing well! EMBEDD VIDEO "A HUGE thank you to the Victor and Driggs Fire Department, Idaho Department of Fish and Game and all the kind people who saw birds in need of help and called," said Teton Raptor Center on their Facebook page. *All Photos courtesy of Teton Raptor Center.* #buckrail #news