'Meet me at the Wort:' The fire that almost made two lovers miss their meeting

(Jackson, Wyo.) - According to Nancy Takeda, the longest employee at The Wort Hotel, "Meet me at The Wort" has always been a catch phrase, mostly because it has always been true. Yesterday, we covered the 6 incredible untold tales of The Wort , but felt there was one story that should stand on its own. On August 5, 1980, a fire broke out at The Wort Hotel. While the damage was mostly done to the roof, the outside looked bad. The day after the fire, Takeda headed to the hotel to meet the insurance company. "I came around the corner and heard this shriek and there was this woman just shrieking and sobbing," said Takeda. She thought, "oh no, does she think that she had someone staying here?" "I went over to her and said, 'are you alright?' And she said that she just flew in from South America. She said, 'my husband is coming from Alaska and we are supposed to meet at the Wort,'” said Takeda. Takeda told her to sit tight and reassured her that things would be OK. "Later, I am talking to some other folks and I hear from the other side of the street 'Oh my god' and I turn around and here is this man. So I walked down to him and I said 'are you OK?' He said, 'I just landed from Alaska...' so I said 'come with me.' He gave me a weird look, but followed anyway," said Takeda. The couple, who thought they had missed their meeting were reunited. "It is part of who we are. Not only are we the center of the community, but the slogan 'Meet me at the Wort' has a much deeper meaning to some people, like in the case of these folks," she said. "That is an important part of the history of the hotel and it's value to the valley." Now, to celebrate 75 years, The Wort Hotel is having a 75th Anniversary Kick-Off Party today. There will be a kick-off toast at 11:30 a.m. with Governor Matt Mead. Also, an Anniversary Ale Launch Party will be tonight from 5 - 9 p.m. with Snake River Brewing and live music by Major Zephyr. So, 'Meet me at the Wort' tonight? *Feature Photo: h/t Acroterion, via Wikimedia Commons / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news