Surf's Up, Teton Style: Friends start first local wakesurfing company

(Alpine, Wyo.) - Living in the Tetons, surfing isn't something that comes to mind as a viable summer activity... but it is. Not only is there Lunch Counter, the surf spot on the Snake River, but now the first surf company has launched in the area, Teton Surf Co. Alpine and Jackson residents Jennifer Wilhite, Clairey Grubbs and Kevin Nettleton have been going out on the Palisades Reservoir for several years. Once wakesurfing started to get popular, they tried it out and fell in love. When wakesurfing, a person is barefoot on a surfboard (no bindings like wakeboarding), gets pulled by the boat at a slow speed and surfs the wave of the boat. The end goal is for the surfer to throw the rope into the boat and surf the wave on their own. After teaching several of their friends how to wake surf, Wilhite, Grubbs and Nettleton decided they wanted to share the sport with locals and visitors. Starting June 1, Teton Surf Co. will be open for business. [image: Inline image 1] *Photo: (Left) Surf Instructor Robye Heron, (Bottom Right) Owner and Partner Jennifer Wilhite. h/t Teton Surf Co. / Pitchengine Communities* "For the past year, we have been working with the Caribou-Targhee National Forest to get the permits to operate on the Palisades Reservoir," said Grubbs. "We are the first people to ever have any kind of permit like this, so we are really excited." "The great thing about wakesurfing is that it is low impact and anybody in average physical condition can do it. It is a fun thing for families and friends to do together," she added. In its first season open, the team at Teton Surf Co. has big ideas including kids surf camps, women's surf camps, corporate events and more. "We are really excited to make wakesurfing available to anybody that wants to try. It is just a fun and safe sport," said Grubbs. "It's just a great way to do something new and fun in the area, and really get out there and make some memories." Teton Surf Co. will offer hourly, half day and full day trips for those interested in learning how to surf in the Tetons. Guests will be accompanied by one licensed boat captain, at least one surf instructor and one other employee to help with safety, fun and photos. All of the trips include water and sports drinks; full day trips include snacks and a full lunch; and half day trips includes snacks. *Feature Photo: Kevin Nettleton. h/t Teton Surf Co. / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news