Yellowstone Elk Decides Woman is Too Close for Comfort

(Yellowstone) - Staying a safe distance from wildlife is no joke, they will charge you. This weekend, local wildlife guide Jody Tibbitts caught a video of an elk that got fed up with a woman who got just a little too close. According to Tibbitts, they pulled up to view an elk on the side of the road near West Thumb and observed a woman walking very close to the elk. You can hear Tibbitts in the video warning her to back away, but before you know it, the elk is charging the woman and knocked her down. Fortunately, the woman doesn't appear hurt. Here is the video, courtesy of Jody Tibbitts VIDEO *Feature Photo: Screenshot of the video taken by Jody Tibbitts. h/t Jody Tibbitts / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news