Jessica Chambers files to run for Town Council seat

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Jackson resident Jessica Chambers has announced that she will run for a Jackson Town Council seat. "People that work here need to be able to live and vote here and we're teetering on either enabling that or further disabling that. The choices we make now will determine whether this is a diverse community that we live in and love or just another soulless point on the map," said Chambers. Chambers is a stay at home parent, a (Teton County) Model United Nations consultant, National Committeewoman-elect to the Democratic Party and National Delegate to the 2016 DNC. She has a background in international studies: culture and communication/political science and is former executive assistant to president and CEO of King Biscuit entertainment, producer at Newsweek on Air, and educator. In a statement sent to Buckrail, Chambers wrote: "I'm the Community Candidate, putting the Community First. "I have not worked personally with Sen Sanders' but I did organize here in Jackson, Teton County, and across the State for him. I was a caucus leader here in Teton County, and was recently elected as a national delegate for Sanders to the DNC, July 25-27th and as the National Committeewoman to the DNC starting July 28, 2016. He's very much for protecting the rights of workers and ensuring that all people, regardless of income get a fair shake and access to the political system. His message is especially relevant given the housing crisis we are facing here in Jackson, where the people who work here can't afford to live here and accordingly, can't vote here. I'd like to preserve our community and ensure we have a thriving community in all regards and not just become a dot on the map for tourists passing through to Grand Teton National Park or Yellowstone National Park." Chambers has been in Jackson for 6 years. She is married to Reed Chambers, a teacher at Colter Elementary, is the guardian of her 16-year-old little brother Luke, and is the mom of 22-month-old McCrae. *Feature Photo: Jessica Chambers. h/t Jessica Chambers / Pitchengine communities* #buckrail #news