Bison calf 'rescuer' pleads guilty, sentenced to fine and probation

(Yellowstone) - Today, Shamash Kassam of Canada, the man who placed the bison calf in the back of his car, pleaded guilty in Federal Court. According to court documents, Kassam pleaded guilty to "Wildlife Protection: the feeding, touching, teasing, frightening or intentional disturbing of wildlife nesting, breeding or other activities." Kassam was sentenced to six months of unsupervised probation and $735 in fines. On May 9, Kassam was cited for placing a newborn bison calf in his vehicle and transporting it to a park facility because of his misplaced concern for the animal's welfare. Park rangers tried repeatedly to reunite the newborn bison calf with the herd. These efforts failed. The bison calf was later euthanized because it was abandoned and causing a dangerous situation by continually approaching people and cars along the roadway. *Feature Photo: h/t East Idaho News / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #reboot #county10 #county17 #dally #oilcity #springcity #shortgo #news