Know your local candidates; Here's the full list

(Jackson, Wyo.) - The filing date has passed, so we officially know who is running for Town Council, County Commissioner and Mayor of Jackson. Here are the candidates who have filed Town of Jackson Mayor, Town Council and the Board of County Commissioners. Click the links for more information on each Candidate. *Mayor* - Sara Flitner is seeking reelection. Learn more about her campaign here. - Mark Obringer. Learn more about Mark. - Stephen McDonald. Read about Stephen's campaign . - Pete Muldoon. Learn about Pete. *Town Council* - Hailey Morton Levinson. Get the information on her reelection. - James Stanford. Learn about Stanford's campaign. - Jessica Sell Chambers. Learn about Jessica. - Judd Grossman. Read about his campaign . - Anne Schuler. Get to know Anne. *Teton County Board of County Commissioners* - Natalia Macker. Read about Natalia's reelection. - Sandy Shuptrine. Learn about Sandy. - Greg Epstein. Get to know Greg. - Lisa daCosta. Learn about Lisa's campaign. - Nikki Gill. Read about Nikki Gill. - Marvin "Trey" Davis. Read about Trey's campaign. More information about local elections is available on the Teton County Clerk website. *Feature Photo: The four Mayoral Candidates. Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news