Shelter JH’s Battle Cry is YIMBY - Yes In My Backyard

Shelter JH began with a few people who had a desire to do something for all of the people being evicted and loosing their housing. An email was distributed, inviting anyone who was interested to attend an organizational meeting. The email contained suggestions for short-term housing solutions, and a link to sign a petition that read: *Yes, I support short-term shelter solutions in JH* *The community of Jackson is in a state of emergency. Hundreds of our workers - core members of our community - have been evicted from their apartments as downtown property owners build Marriott’s and luxury condos and apartments. There is literally nowhere to move. And as summer ramps up, thousands more workers are coming to serve our booming tourism businesses, which pay the lowest wages of any sector. But even with higher wages, there still isn't anything for rent. Families are being turned out into the street. Homelessness is real in Jackson. And it’s only getting worse. It’s time for action. People in our community (people you know) need access to shelter NOW. We cannot let our community be splintered.* *We have seen too many people say "I support affordable housing - just not in my backyard."* *We say YES to shelter and housing for our neighbors - even in our backyards, our front yards, our public land, and our streets. We support policy solutions like allowing trailers on public land in town and allowing people to park RVs overnight in our public parking lots driveways and streets. We call on the Jackson Town Council to take emergency action now!* From the action of a few community members, a grassroots campaign was born, Shelter JH. Shelter JH is a grassroots campaign dedicated to creating momentum around short and long-term housing solutions. Homelessness is becoming a serious issue in Jackson. It’s not a crisis. It’s an emergency, the supporters believe. While there has been significant political debate around long-term housing, the community of Jackson needs immediate solutions. People need access to basic shelter, and they need it now. Shelter JH is organizing a rally tonight to show that our community says YES to housing. “We hope that this rally is the birth of a much larger campaign - YIMBY - or Yes In My Backyard - this community strongly supports housing,” Shelter JH states. #memmer #buckrail #news