District 2 LDRs adopted with increased monitoring and measurement

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Last night, following the long public comment at the beginning of the meeting, Town officials once again discussed the District 2: Commercial Core Land Development Regulations (LDRs). "It is our 17th meeting on Downtown district 2 LDRs, so our goal is to get through this tonight," said Mayor Sara Flitner during the meeting. Town Planner Tyler Synclair outlined the recent changes to the newest draft of the LDRs up front. During the presentation, he outlined five issues that have been brought up in the LDRs and the staff recommendations for each. The issues discussed included the short term rentals in workforce housing floor area bonus, a proposed deed restriction for workforce housing floor area bonus, parking requirements for residential units, the proposed Residential Core (RC) Zone, and other miscellaneous changes to the District 2 LDRs. Many people spoke both in favor and opposition of different parts of the District 2 LDRs. By the end of the meeting, Town Council adopted the District 2: Commercial Core LDRs as presented in the staff reported. Council members did encourage increased monitoring and measurement for the LDRs to ensure they are the right thing for the town. "Significantly, we will be engaging a stakeholder group of interested and diverse leaders to monitor and measure," said Mayor Flitner. "This is a big step and a HUGE win for pragmatic problem-solving. This is how we work together to get the results we want, and build transparency and responsiveness into our process. I am very proud of the Town Council and of our engaged community. We did significant work and that feels good." More information on the District 2 LDRs is available here. *Feature Photo: h/t Town of Jackson / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news