Sanders supporters to challenge Wyoming delegate split at DNC

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Today, Wyoming state delegates supporting Bernie Sanders and lawyers from the Sanders’ camp plan to file a formal challenge over an alleged misallocation of Wyoming delegates to the Democratic National Convention. The current delegate allocation in Wyoming gives Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton 7 pledged national delegates a piece, despite a popular vote of 57 – 43% in favor of Sanders at the April 9 caucuses. Adding in the four unpledged delegates, who expressed their support for Secretary Clinton in February, would likely give her an 11-7 advantage at the Democratic National Convention this summer in Philadelphia. “It was frustrating to see an 11 to 7 split in favor of Clinton after we had successfully organized a large turnout for Sanders at our state caucuses,” said Jon Gardzelewski, National Delegate for Senator Sanders and the National Committeeman Elect. The goal from the Sanders delegates is to get a ruling from the DNC that would fix the alleged misallocation of district level delegates, resulting in the final 86 split in favor of Senator Sanders. According to a release issued yesterday by National Delegate for Bernie Sanders/National Committeewoman Elect Jessica Chambers, the challengers alerted state and national party officials to a possible breach in the rules prior to the Wyoming Democratic Party’s State Convention on May 28. The challengers were advised to wait to pursue the challenge until after the State Convention. If the challenge is upheld, the state party could be penalized by the DNC for failing to comply with the rules. The penalty would mean the 14 pledged delegates from Wyoming would likely lose half a vote each and the superdelegates would lose their votes entirely. A victory for the challenger would mean the projected delegate split of 117 in favor of Hillary swings to a definitive split of 4-3 in favor of Bernie. Even though the delegation loses half of its voting power, with the superdelegates silenced, Bernie comes out ahead. “This challenge is about fairness, Democratic Party rules, and moving everyone forward,” said Chambers. “This is for everyone Bernie Delegates are bringing the challenge but many on both sides support getting a conclusive answer from the DNC in the hope of saying the rules were followed one way or another.” *Feature Photo: National Delegate for Bernie Sanders/National Committeewoman Elect Jessica Chambers. h/t Jessica Chambers / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #county10 #county17 #dally #shortgo #oilcity #reboot #springcity #news