You may have some money from Lower Valley Energy... Check the list!

(Jackson, Wyo.) - We got a tip that Lower Valley Energy posted a list of people they have checks issued for Capital Credits. We checked with the local company and it's true! "Lower Valley Energy is a cooperative -- those we serve, those who pay an energy bill to us, are owners of Lower Valley Energy. At the end of the year, we return our margins to our members," said Brian Tanabe, Communications/Marketing Manager for Lower Valley Energy. According to the Lower Valley Energy website, "because Lower Valley Energy is a cooperative, owned by its members, it does not technically earn profits. Instead, any revenues over and above the cost of doing business are considered margins. These margins represent an interest-free loan of operating capital by the membership to the cooperative. This capital allows Lower Valley Energy to finance operations and to a certain extend construction, with the intent that this capital will be repaid to you in later years." "The list of unclaimed monies are those capital credits belonging to people who have moved and we have no means of contacting," Tanabe added. Check the list here. *Feature Photo: Lower Valley Energy Jackson Office. h/t Lower Valley Energy Jackson Office / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news