Teton County Receives $5.1 Million for Landfill Work

(Teton County, Wyo.) - Teton County Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling was awarded a Municipal Solid Waste Facilities Cease and Transfer (C&T) Program grant in the amount of $5,120,188 from the Wyoming State Loan and Investment Board (SLIB). The funding will allow the county to stay on track in its plans to close and cap the Horsethief Canyon landfill to remediate contamination of groundwater and protect nearby water sources, including Flat Creek and the Snake River. “Five million bucks – that’s huge,” said Teton County Commissioner Paul Vogelheim, when the grant was announced to the Board of County Commissioners on Monday. “In this state’s economy right now, that’s a big deal.” Teton County applied for funding through the C&T Program to assist with the cost of the mandated closure and capping of the Horsethief Canyon landfill. During her comments in front of the State Board last week, Heather Overholser, Teton County Superintendent of Solid Waste and Recycling, addressed the partnerships that have been necessary to tackle the landfill closure, expressing “the sincere gratitude of the Teton County Commissioners, our citizens, and Teton County Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling for SLIB’s consideration of our funding request for the landfill closure.” The County requested and received $5,120,188, or 50 percent of total eligible project costs, which equal $10,371,095. Efforts by Teton County to secure funds to match the remaining project costs were important in garnering the award from the state. These measures include efforts by the Teton County citizenry to pass a SPET tax in 2012 for the project match and close collaboration with the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to comply with capping and closure requirements. According to Craig McOmie, Cease and Transfer Manager, Wyoming DEQ, “Through this cooperation, cost increases due to the discovery of ‘rogue’ waste at the site have been minimized as much as possible.” Additionally, Teton County's engineering team and construction contractors have successfully identified cost-saving measures when addressing the ongoing construction of the transfer station in concert with this closure project. It is the County's intent to continue to work closely with regulatory agencies, contractors, and other stakeholders to hopefully bring this project to completion under budget. The purpose of landfill closure and capping is to provide a barrier against precipitation and remediate groundwater contamination. In recent years, increasing contamination levels have exceeded groundwater protection standards. “With the landfill’s close proximity to Flat Creek and the Snake River -- which has Wild and Scenic designation -- addressing the problem as quickly as possible is critical,” Overholser said. The County received a closure permit from the Wyoming DEQ and began the first phase of landfill closure construction the week of May 23, 2016. Additional improvements at the old landfill and trash transfer station include the construction of the new Scale Plaza, which was completed in the fall of 2015, a new trash transfer building and improved compost facility. Completion of the overall landfill closure and facility improvements is expected by 2020. *Feature Photo: Trash Transfer Station. h/t Teton County Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news