6 mountain bike rides worth driving the Pass for

(Teton Valley, Idaho) - Many people in Jackson Hole stay close to hit the trails, but if you are looking for some new challenges, you may want to consider heading over Teton Pass. According to Mountain Bike the Tetons Executive Director Amanda Carey, Teton Valley trails offer some great rides for beginners to experts, along with some outstanding views. Here are 6 of Carey's recommended Teton Valley rides: *1. Mail Cabin to Mikesell* [image: Inline image 6] "This has to be one of my favorite rides in Teton County. It's not for beginners. It's really hard," said Carey. Mail Cabin to Mikesell is described as "a rugged, four and a half mile, backcountry connector trail between the top of the Mail Cabin and the top of Mikesell Canyon. It Has a couple of hike-a-bikes but offers some great views into the Snake River Range at the southern end of Teton Valley." "It is the one of most stunning rides. After riding for an hour and a half you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere," Carey added. *2. Sheep Bridge and Mill Creek Rides* *[image: Inline image 1]* According to Carey, if you park at Teton Canyon, you can access Sheep Bridge and the Mill Creek rides. "Sheep bridge is a very beginner trail, great for kids, that many will warm up on before Mill Creek," said Carey. "And Mill creek is a CLASSIC Teton Valley ride! I'd definitely include that one as it is the way you climb up from Teton Canyon to access 38 special and all the resort riding if you want to park in Teton Canyon." *3. Horseshoe Canyon * [image: Inline image 2] "This is our Cache Creek where you can hit a bunch of loops and trails in one concentrated area," said Carey. "If you ride this one trail southbound, you ride up anywhere up on the trail networks, it is the most stunning view of the Tetons." *4. Anything at Grand Targhee * [image: Inline image 3] According to Ride the Tetons, Grand Targhee offers trails for every kind of rider. At this time in the season, some trails are good to go, while others are still snowpacked. "Grand Targhee has put $500,000 of trail work into their trails in the last three years," said Carey. "The network up there is unbelievable." *5. Pole Canyon to Mikesell * [image: Inline image 4] Described as having great views, the Pole Canyon to Mikesell ride in Teton Canyon is accessible from Victor. You may need to wait until mid-summer for this ride, as the map shows that it is still snow covered. *6. Grove Creek * [image: Inline image 5] Grove Creek sounds like a good early season ride as the trail status is described as "excellent." Also, according to Carey, there was a massive reroute of this trail last year. According to the Mountain Bike the Tetons Website, "After getting past the initial, very steep doubletrack climb, you’ll be rewarded with a perfect, swooping climbing grade." *Feature Photo: Amanda Carey on Grand Targhee last summer. **All Photos: h/t Mountain Bike the Tetons / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news