#CombattheSilenceJH: It takes guts to change the world, and these kids have guts

(Jackson, Wyo.) - This week, we have been highlighting local students who are working to change the world by 'combatting the silence.' While we were only able to feature eight full student essays, many other students used this project as an opportunity to make a difference and change the world. For the project, it was called the "Guts Factor," because it takes guts to change the world. Here are some of the students' "Guts Factors:" *Fundraising:* - *Zoe Crisp, Stevie Taylor, and Sophia Tozzi* raised $200.00 for Stolen Youth, an organization fighting against human trafficking. These gutsy girls created brochures, dropped them off on Wilson front doors, baked brownies, cookies, and cupcakes, and educated potential donors for three hours outside Nora’s Fish Creek Inn. [image: Inline image 6] - As far back as the Greeks, horses were known for their ability to mirror human emotions and gait.* Jacob Bentlage* is donating the proceeds from a full day of work to Jackson Hole Therapeutic Riding Association, an organization that provides riding opportunities to local people with disabilities. Jacob realized the impact therapeutic riding has on individuals’ confidence, balance and overall outlook on life after observing his cousin participate in a similar program in the midwest. [image: Inline image 1] - *Rory Sullivan, Brooke McGough, Morgan Duckett, Ben Delaney, and Matthew Lamb* scrubbed down 30 or so dirty, wiggly dogs, earning $200.00 to fight animal abuse and support Mercy for Animals and PAWS of Jackson Hole. - *Ivan Mendoza* hosted a lemonade stand in front of Mike Yokel park, raising $150.00 to fight pediatric cancer for St. Jude’s Research Hospital. - *KC Mcleod* took on homelessness with a bake sale, raising $124.00 to support The Ladybug Foundation. - *Charlotte Lee* is raising funds by bake, bake, baking her heart out in order to put on a bake sale on town square. She is going to donate to Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center to help support counseling kids that are having a hard time coping with their parents divorce. - The mistreatment and neglect of the Native American population leads to substance abuse and alcoholism, and has made *Rylynn Valdez* so outraged that she decided she wouldn’t stay silent any longer. She created beautiful ‘DIY Dreamcatcher Kits’ and went door to door spreading awareness of the chronic substance abuse and alcoholism among the Native American population on The Confederate Tribes of the Colville Reservation. So far, she has raised $80.00 and is still going strong. The funds raised are for the children of addicted parents to help buy school supplies for the 2016-2017 school year. *Volunteering* - Our time is our most precious commodity but that didn’t stop superstars *Joseph Romero-Erlanson, Olivia Roberts, and Julia Mahood* from selflessly giving their time to others. Joseph donated his time to The Good Samaritan Mission of Jackson Hole, while Olivia and Julia helped out the Animal Adoption Center of Jackson Hole. *Teaching to the Youth* - *Emma Watkins and Sara White* are crusading against illiteracy in America. The two created an interactive presentation, and with guts of steel went in front of Mrs. Allen’s and Mr. Ralston’s 3rd graders at Colter Elementary teaching the importance of reading everyday. - *Mary Clancy* also went in front of Mr. Ralston’s 3rd graders at Colter Elementary to teach them the importance of healthy lifestyles. She presented an interactive Powerpoint to get the students jazzed up about treating their bodies well through healthy eating and exercise. *Spreading Awareness* - You have heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge whose main goal was to spread awareness for ALS? Well, *Jacob “Santa” Christen* has bravely created the ”Everything in Your Fridge Challenge” to spread awareness for families in poverty. He filmed himself putting everything in his fridge on a sandwich; mayo, mustard,pickles,syrup, onions, jalapenos, ketchup, jam, then and ate it! Yuk! Then he challenged another by uploading his video to social media and tagged a friend asking them to do the challenge and tag another friend. - *Jennifer Lopez* is as shy as they come, yet braved her fears by presenting information to her peers during an Advisory class that taught students how to handle a situation if they ever were cyber bullied and who students should report cyberbullying to. *Political Action* - *Clint ‘Chewy’ Traver* spent 6 hours conversing with Jackson citizens, garnering 101 signatures in support of public land protections. “There has been a growing push by some politicians to privatize public lands. Let’s tell the politicians that our National Forests and National Parks are not for sale!” *[image: Inline image 2]* *Art* - *Parker Smith* used her stunning artistic skills to combat the silence of animal extinction, drawing and painting a sea turtle, white tiger, birds, and an elephant. Her paintings have been placed around town as a powerful reminder that on average 96 elephants are killed a day (Source). *[image: Inline image 3]* *Poetry* Shaking off some crazy intense nerves, the following students stepped up to the mic and recited activist poetry in front of the entire seventh grade. - *Sofia Nolan, Hyla Chatham:* “Fighter” combatting girls’ inequality worldwide - *Tommy Berner:* “Consequences” combats climate change - *Braidyn McGough:* ”Every Sip” combats alcohol abuse - *Itzel Castro Rojas:* “Henry” fights animal abuse *[image: Inline image 4]* *Technology* - *Ally Smith* is concerned by the unchecked rise of artificial intelligence, so she created a powerful website to spread awareness and caution. “The point is, we should not be confident that we have this under control here.” - *Tom Salerno and Jacobo Martinez* created a video game to demonstrate to the world--and their mothers--how gamers can develop skills that non-gamers might lack. While gamers can track up to 7-8 objects, non-gamers can only track 3-4. Try out their video game and see for yourself! [image: Inline image 5] Read all the #combatthesilencejh essays here. #buckrail #news #combatthesilencejh