Community assembles tonight for those impacted by Orlando shooting

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Tonight, the local community will gather on Town Square to unite in support and remembrance of those impacted by the Orlando mass shooting that took place on June 12. The Facebook event page reads: *"Attention citizens, friends, and visitors of Jackson Hole:* *"The tragedy at Pulse nightclub in Orlando should not be an opportunity for politicians, Islamophobes, homophobes, assault-weapon advocates, or bigots to spread their hateful, thoughtless rhetoric. Instead, it can and should be an opportunity for the LGBT community and its many allies to emerge from the shadows and come together to celebrate the message that, in the face of violence and anger and oppression, one truth stands above all else: love is love. Until that message is understood and cemented in the fabric of our society, these hateful acts will continue.* *"Tonight we assemble. We assemble in support of that message, in support of each other, in support of acceptance, in support of equality, in support of LGBT Pride Month, in support of the lives lost in Orlando, in support of the wounded, in support of their grieving families and friends, in support of those who fear the consequences of unfounded prejudice and bigotry, in support of peace, peace, forever peace.* *"Town Square. 7:00pm. * *Bring signs. Bring music. Bring laughter. Bring love. * *Share this message, invite everyone. All ages."* More information is available on the Facebook event page. #buckrail #news