Modern art collides with emotion and athletics in this unique Contemporary Dance show

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Modern art collided with emotion and athletics last night for the Contemporary Dance Wyoming show at the Center for the Arts. Local dancers, teachers and choreographers dominated the show, while guests Manuel Vignouille and Rena Butler debuted their *Black & White* performance before it hits New York City next week. Local dancers Lindsey Briggs, Cady Cox, Rachel Holmes, Lindsay Larson, Francesca Roma, Luke Zender and Michaela Ellingson danced to original modern pieces. The powerful dancers displayed emotions, technique and strength as they poured their souls into the pieces. Guest dancers Vignouille and Butler took the stage for the world premiere of *Black & White*. The dancers' bodies seems almost fluid as they portrayed opposites in what is described as "a strong and tender exploration of harmony in supposed opposites: color, sex, dark, light, feminine and masculine, yin and yang." By the end of the guest performance, the audience was on its feet for the impressive duo. Like no other dance performance you've seen, the night's pieces ranged from classic and romantic to futuristic and frantic. There will be a second performance tonight starting at 8 p.m. at the Center for the Arts. More information is available here. *Feature Photo: h/t Sydney Bryan / Dancers' Workshop / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news #whatshappening