Locals mourn the loss of the grizzly cub

(Moose, Wyo.) - Last night, a grizzly bear cub was struck by a vehicle and killed in Grand Teton National Park. Multiple Facebook pages are reporting that the cub killed was Grizzly 399's new white-faced cub, which many called "Snowy," although Grand Teton National Park has not confirmed that yet. Since the incident, locals have constructed a little memorial on the side of the road where the bear was killed. "It's beyond belief and sadness. We must remember all Bears, including 399 are organic and of this Earth, they understand what is unknown to the human brain. Today our hearts weep," said Cindy Campbell, founder of local activist group Bear 760. [image: Inline image 1] *Photo: Cindy Campbell memorializing 399 cub. Photo by Danielle Jordan* Local photographer Thomas Mangelsen wrote on his Facebook page , "Today, June 20, 2016, marks another tragic day in the life of famous grizzly bear 399... It is a sad day indeed for 399, her beautiful cub, and all of her admirers." [image: Inline image 2] *Photo: Cones block the road where the grizzly cub was killed. h/t Cindy Campbell / Pitchengine Communities* Do you have any photos of 399's cub "Snowy?" Share them with us here. *Feature Photo: h/t Cindy Campbell / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news