Local artist explores the fine lines and faces of Jackson Hole

(Jackson, Wyo.) - At first glance, it doesn't appear that local artist Haley Badenhop has one particular style. Her work ranges from drawings, to water color paintings, fashion design, graphic design, all the way to vintage art representations. After an hour with the artist, you find the central theme -- fine lines and faces. Badenhop was raised in Northwest Ohio on a farm. Growing up in the country, her family took pigs to the fair and shopping expeditions to the city. "I always loved drawing," she said. "When I was in High school, I didn't have a specific thing that I wanted to do, I just knew I wanted to be an artist. I really liked shopping, too." Combining her two loves -- art and shopping -- she chose to enroll in the Fashion Design program at the University of Cincinnati. During the five-year program, she did multiple internships across the U.S. to test her skills and determine which field she wanted to pursue. On a road trip to LA, Badenhop discovered mountain town life. She stopped for a muffin in Vail, Colorado and fell in love -- with the muffin and the small ski town. Her next job was in graphic design Vail and then she moved to Aspen. She discovered Jackson in a similar accident. She worked one summer as a travel guide where she drove a 15-person passenger van full of international tourists across the U.S., hitting all of the National Parks along the way. When she got to Jackson, she immediately fell in love. The next winter, she moved to Jackson. She didn't know anyone, didn't have a job and wasn't sure what to do next. One day, she stopped into Cowboy Coffee. She saw the art on the walls and inquired how to display her artwork. The barista told her that there was an opening the next month. "I never painted before I got here. I went to the lumberyard and asked for some scrap wood," said Badenhop. "I found some acrylic paints and I did a series of vintage art posters painted on wood. I just sat without a job for a month and panted." [image: Inline image 1] Now, her art adorns the walls of Cowboy Coffee three years later. She has also had a show at The Rose and this summer she was named a finalist for the Art Association's Artist of the Year. "Every show is very different. From the beginning, I have done a lot of drawing, like portraits and fine art drawing. I enjoy that fine line and draw a lot of faces," she said. "There is just something about looking into something that is alive, that gets me a little bit more excited." She prefers to pursue art as a hobby rather than a full-time gig. She works as a fashion designer for a local company and is also getting ready to launch a podcast called the Passion Design Project . "[For the podcast] I'm interviewing people who have created a business that doesn't just stop at making money, but they are doing something further -- people taking their business into a new space that hasn't been addressed before and doing things for other people instead of just doing business to make money for themselves," she said. Through the rest of June, you can see Badenhop's art displayed at Cowboy Coffee. You can also check out for prints and originals, and watch for her new podcast at *Feature Photo: Haley Badenhop. Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news