Local entrepreneur creates a unique and durable way to save your gear

(Jackson, Wyo.) - As an athlete in the rugged wilderness around Jackson Hole, it is not uncommon to rip or tear gear. That was what spurred the idea for NOSO Puffy Patches, a new business by local entrepreneur Kelli Jones. Jones loves sports. She is a triathlete, she mountain bikes, dirt bikes and skis. "I ruined a lot of my awesome, expensive gear, and was repairing everything with duct tape, which is so ugly," said Jones. One time, she cut a piece of duct tape into a heart and used it to repair her jacket. "I was in the Tram line and people kept asking where I got it," she said. The problem she found with duct tape, besides the aesthetics, was that the edges gummed up and got sticky rather quickly. She decided that she wanted to repair fabric with fabric, so she headed down to Salt Lake City for an Outdoor Retailer trade show to check out materials. She found the fabric she wanted and began experimenting with adhesives until she found the right one. Finally, she found an adhesive that sticks on easily, sets in just 15 minutes in the dryer, and doesn't peel up and get sticky. [image: Inline image 1] *Photo h/t NOSO Puffy Patches / Pitchengine Communities* "It worked for me, so I wanted to share it with everyone else," she said about creating the business. The NOSO Puffy Patches withstand extreme weather and multiple washings. They work on coats and jackets, but also tents, sleeping bags, backpacks and ski pants. The patches come in several different shapes and colors, including reflective patches. "You don't have to repair something with these patches," said Jones. "You can just stick them on like a sticker to personalize your gear." To help her kickstart the business and go into full production, she launched an Indiegogo campaign, which only has two days left. Support the NOSO Puffy Patches Indiegogo campaign here. *Feature Photo: h/t NOSO Puffy Patches / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news