Bright paintings show Jackson Hole through the eyes of artist Nicole Gaitan

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Jackson native Nicole Gaitan was just 18 when she sold her first series of paintings. She had worked at an art gallery during the summer before she left for college and the owner let her display a few of her paintings. The entire series sold shortly after and that was when she knew that she wanted to be a professional artist. Gaitan attended college in California. She graduated in three years, eager to begin her career in art. Following college, she chose to open a personal training and pilates studio. A few years later, she returned to Jackson to pursue her passion for painting. "[When I returned to Jackson] I started getting a lot of support from the community and my art really started taking off," said Gaitan. Because her acrylic paintings focus on colorful representations of animals and nature, it has been wildly popular in her home town. She describes her work as accidental impressionism. "When I draw something out and sketch it, I am really trying to capture what I am looking at realistically, but it comes out really abstract," said Gaitan. [image: Inline image 1] *Paintings by Gaitan: (Right) Going Home, (Middle) Watercolor Moose, (Right) Watching.* *h/t Nicole Gaitan / Pitchengine Communities* Gaitain was just given the opportunity to display her art in The White Buffalo's Miller Street Apartment. It also hangs on the walls of the Berkshire Hathaway offices and is up at Pearl Street Bagels until mid-July. She also sells prints at Roam, Jackson Hole Flower Boutique and Jackson Hole Grocer. Lately, she has been working on expanding into watercolor painting. She is also working to reach new markets and introduce her art to new people. Next week, July 8-9, Gaitan will be selling her artwork at the Art Association's 50th Anniversary Art Fair at Miller Park. See more of Gaitan's work on her website at *Feature Photo: (Left) Nicole Gaitan, (Right, Top) Watchful Eye Bison 24x36 Acrylic on Canvas, (Right, Bottom) Elk: Passing in the Night 30x48 Acrylic on Canvas. h/t Nicole Gaitan / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news #jhartfair