More information emerges about the car that went into the Snake River yesterday

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Yesterday, several members of the Bridger-Teton National Forest, Teton County Sheriff's Office and Teton County Search and Rescue responded to a call that a car had been submerged in the Snake River between Hoback Junction and the Astoria Boat Ramp . Prior to the call, Bridger-Teton National Forest River Manager David Cernicek was patrolling the river when he spotted a silver Dodge Dart parked perpendicular to the river. "Something was very strange about why that car was sitting at the place," said Cernicek. He took note of the vehicle and continued to patrol the river. Shortly after, he received reports of a car that had gone into the river. Cernicek began searching the river along with several other agencies. Near Astoria, Cernicek found two kayakers who saw the vehicle go into the river. They confirmed that no one was in the vehicle when it went in the river. Additionally, they were able to grab the bumper of the car with the license plate. "That vital piece of information gave law enforcement the name of the owner of the vehicle," he said. Officials then found the owner of the vehicle up the river. She was described as "not very lucid" and was transported to the hospital for medical care. Cernicek says that the Forest Service will search for the vehicle today, but it could be challenging considering how deep the river is in that section. If anyone has information about this incident or sees something in the river, call the Teton County Sheriff's Office at (307) 733-4052. *Feature Photo: Snake River. h/t via Shutterstock Tucker James /