World travel, bright colors inspire Sue Cedarholm's silk art

(Jackson, Wyo.) - When many think of a painting, they typically think of watercolor or acrylic on canvas, but this artist paints on silk. Local artist Sue Cedarholm grew up in northern Colorado. She spent her summers in Estes Park, and went to Colorado State University. She started as an art major, but eventually switched her major and graduated in business marketing. In 1980, Cedarholm moved to Jackson Hole. The ski resorts in Colorado were getting busy and she moved to Jackson for the less crowded ski area. "The ski area was much more primitive than it is now," she said. She always did art on the side, but when her kids entered elementary school, she chose to take her art a step further. She took a watercolor painting class at the Art Association of Jackson Hole. That reignited Cedarholm's love of art. She started with watercolor, then moved on to acrylics. "My daughter went to fashion design school in New York City," said Cedarholm. "One Christmas, she made me a piece of fabric from one of my paintings." This is what got her interested in integrating her paintings with fabric. After conducting some research, she started painting original work on silk. Now, she creates original paintings on silk scarves, prints on silk scarves and creates patterns from her photography to print on silk. She also creates felted scarves, felted soaps and is starting to get into weaving. [image: Inline image 1] *Photo of one of Sue Cedarholm's Scarves. h/t Sue Cedarholm* Cedarholm travels the world as photographer Thomas Mangelsen's assistant. The world travel influences the bright colors and exotic patterns in her artwork. This weekend, she will be showcasing her work at the 50th Anniversary Art Fair of Jackson Hole. She has had a booth at Art Fair for the last five years, but has been involved as a volunteer for several years. She also continues to take classes and is on the board of directors for the Art Association. [image: Inline image 2] *Photo of one of Sue Cedarholm's Scarves. h/t Sue Cedarholm* "It [the Art Association] is a great resource because they bring people here to teach classes and there are so many different types of classes," said Cedarholm. "Both my children grew up taking classes there." The Art Association's 50th Anniversary Art Fair is July 8-10 at Miller Park. See more of Cedarholm's work at *Feature Photo: Photo of Sue Cedarholm. Photo credit: Tom Mangelsen.* #buckrail #news #jhartfair