Town Sewer Connections: Council Approves Airport, Split on New Elementary School

(Jackson, Wyo.) - At last night's Town Council meeting, officials approved the Jackson Hole Airport sewer connection agreement, but were unable to decide on whether to allow a connection for Munger Mountain Elementary School. Several months ago, the Jackson Hole Airport approached the Town Council with a proposal to improve and upgrade the wastewater treatment system. On June 16, the Jackson Hole Airport received a $1,500,000 grant and a $500,000 loan from the Wyoming Business Council for the project. The Town Council approved the airport sewer connection unanimously agreement with a few conditions. More information on the Jackson Hole Airport sewer connection is available here . Next, Pardee presented the Teton County School District's request to approve a sewer connection agreement to the Town's wastewater system. Mayor Sara Flitner excused herself from the discussion of the Munger Mountain Elementary sewer connection agreement because of her involvement with the school district. The other option is for the school district to build the school with an onsite wastewater facility. Brad Barker did state that TCSD believes that the sewer connection to the Town of Jackson is the best option for the environment and for the school. Several people spoke both in favor and opposed to the sewer line, but many spoke about the location of the new school. Councilman Don Frank and Councilwoman Hailey Morton-Levinson said that they were ready to vote now in favor of the sewer connection, while Councilman Jim Stanford and Councilman Bob Lenz requested to continue the discussion to the next meeting. After a lengthy discussion and public comment, Town Council chose to continue the conversation until the next regular meeting. More information on the Munger Mountain Elementary sewer connection agreement is available here. *Feature Photo: New elementary school sketch plan. h/t TCSD / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news