Art in Construction: Local man builds beautiful barnwood birdhouses

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Michael Campbell originally came to Jackson for vacation in 1971 and never ended up leaving. He settled down and bought a house in the Red Top Meadows subdivision outside of Wilson. He worked construction most of his life building homes all over the valley. That experience gave Campbell the knowledge and skills to begin building much, much smaller homes. When he began woodworking, he would build frames, trays, mirrors, wine racks, as well as the birdhouses and birdfeeders that he sells today. He noticed quickly that his birdhouses and birdfeeders were the most popular by far, so he chose to focus his efforts there. And after retiring from construction work, he decided to build these houses full time. Campbell builds his pieces out of old barnwood and often works with a man in Tetonia who takes down old barns all over Idaho, some of which are nearly 100 years old. [image: Inline image 1] *Two of Campbell's birdhouses and his bird feeders. h/t Cindy Campbell * "I travel throughout Wyoming, southern Montana and eastern Idaho, finding the most unique and interesting reclaimed and recycled objects and materials which makes each house truly one of kind," he said. "What he does with the barn wood is absolutely incredible," said his wife, Cindy Campbell. He describes his houses as whimsical and "Hobbit" style. The back door of his birdhouses are unique and detailed, with brass hinges, door knockers and metal latches. And they aren't just decorative pieces. "My birdhouses are built to specification for cavity nesting birds here in Wyoming and around the country," said Campbell. "The sturdy construction ensures safety for young bird families." Campbell's birdhouses and birdfeeders are shown in Horizon Fine Art Gallery in Jackson and he will also be selling them at the 50th Anniversary Art Fair of Jackson Hole this weekend. This is his second year at the Art Fair. Last year, he had sold out of his entire stock by Saturday night and spent all day Sunday taking custom orders, which kept him busy through September. "We are proud to represent the Jackson art community" he said about the upcoming Art Fair. *Feature Photo: Michael Campbell and one of his bird houses. h/t Cindy Campbell / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news #jhartfair