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Stop by Jackson Moore Furniture, Lighting, and Design to light up your Wyoming home with beautifully crafted designs. Andrew Romo has been a lighting designer for 11 years and is based out of Jackson Hole. Andrew has consulted and performed lighting design on numerous multi-million dollar homes as well as more modest homes in the Jackson Hole, Star Valley, and Teton Valley areas. Romo is very passionate about the fact that lighting is a crucial part of design. All too often, it is a forgotten and unfortunately under-budgeted aspect until the final stages of construction. Illumination can make or break the overall functionality and ambiance of the interior as well as the exterior of a home. Jackson Moore Interior and Lighting Design . 90 E. Pearl Ave. Jackson, WY. 307.734.8986 [image: Inline image 8] [image: Inline image 1] [image: Inline image 3] [image: Inline image 2] [image: Inline image 5] [image: Inline image 6] [image: Inline image 7]