David Dorfman comes to Jackson to get "the whole world dancing"

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Starting today, Dancers' Workshop is hosting a residency with David Dorfman Dance. This will be David Dorfman Dance's first visit to Jackson Hole in his effort to get "the whole world dancing." "Internationally-recognized David Dorfman Dance will be bringing two works to Dancers’ Workshop - one is a work in progress and the other a finished, polished performance. They are both driven by poetry, original music, verbal and visual art, each dance explores the social and political plight of human nature with a charismatic energy," said Dancers' Workshop in a release. His first performance, *Come, And Back Again*, explores the virtuosity of daily life, vulnerability, and mortality in a work that embarks on a journey of reckless personal abandon taking on the slippery, elastic existence of life and the ideas that hope can change everything, personal messes can be beautiful and the human spirit is forever resilient. His second performance, *Aroundtown*, is described as "a must-see work in progress, exploring our yearning and search for community, joy, and love, in some ways, as means to basic survival in perilous times. Aroundtown creates a village of characters in need-of each other. Aroundtown lingers in an ethical malaise, when love spoils and turns to violence-when one needs to move on, to try a stronger potion. How do we admit this void to ourselves and turn again, literally and figuratively, to love and intimacy. Using a raw and unique combination of off-kilter, seemingly impossible spins, perches and partnerings, we show life out of balance, and reveal a path to hope. Created with three composer/musicians, whose work is hauntingly poetic and oddly humorous, Aroundtown’s aim is to move audiences." There will be free open rehearsals for *Aroundtown* on Wednesday, July 20 and for *Come, And Back Again* on Friday, July 22. There will also be masters classes movement workshops on July 18, July 19 and July 25. More information about the David Dorfman Dance is available here. *Feature Photo: David Dorfman Dance. Photo credit: Ian Douglas* #buckrail #news