Pretty Lights tickets sell out in record time

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Earlier this week, The Pink Garter Theatre announced that the band Pretty Lights was coming to Jackson to perform on August 30. According to Dom Gagliardi, owner of the Pink Garter Theatre, there were a total of 450 tickets for the show. 100 were sold on Wednesday through the Pretty Lights website and 350 were sold yesterday through the Pink Garter Theatre website and box office. The Wednesday tickets were sold out in less than 10 minutes and the tickets released Thursday were sold out in 20 minutes. "The online tickets basically went immediately," he said. "It was fast. We haven't seen something like that in quite a while." Gagliardi said that Pretty Lights coming to the Pink Garter Theatre is a series of music and business connections and the fact that the band was headed up to Montana for some shows around that time. "We have been very fortunate over the years to get big names into our room because it alluring to come to Jackson Hole," said Gagliardi. *Feature Photo: People stand in line for Pretty Lights tickets yesterday.