Town to Demo Home Above West Broadway Landslide

(Jackson, Wyo.) - On Monday, the Town of Jackson will start demolition of the home above the West Broadway Landslide, which is the first step in the landslide mitigation process. “The house is in a state of disrepair and is dangerous,” said Larry Pardee, Town of Jackson Public Works Director. The Town of Jackson purchased the land and the home of Jeremy and Sara Budge in order to remove weight from the top of the slide. Westwood Curtis has been contracted to perform the demolition and they have until Monday, July 25 to have the project completed. Carl Pelletier, public information officer for the Town of Jackson, said that demolishing the house is a matter of public safety, but it also prepares the site for the Town to begin mitigation work on the landslide. The Town of Jackson is seeking $6 million in SPET funding for mitigation work and to stabilize the hill. The Town has created a website to address facts about the landslide and the upcoming SPET initiative: *Feature Photo: **h/t Teton County Emergency Management / **Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news